It always comes in threes

So definitely not the start to the holiday we have so been looking forward to. A great flight and again the crews on Cathay Pacific and Dragon Air were very attentive and made our travel a pleasure, the only positive at this point.

First thing to go wrong – no luggage in Phuket, it is still in Hong Kong. It is supposed to be on a flight to Phuket now and should be with us by midnight. Here’s hoping. For Miss C and I at least I packed some shorts and t-shirts to get changed into on the plane. Unfortunately Mr B didn’t and is still in his long sleeve shirt and jeans. Great for the temperature we left Seoul in not so great for the humidity of Phuket!

OK as I write – an update received. Bags missed the connecting flight from Bangkok to Phuket…So we may or may not have clothes in the morning… (my question to Mr B – does this count as the third? His response I think it is still part of the first…)

Yes this was how we found it. Where's my petals and towels?

Yes this was how we found it. Where’s my petals and towels? Or maybe just straightened out…

Second thing, the accommodation at the Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket. After what was a pretty seamless check-in we were taken to our room.  By this stage it was nearly 8pm (10pm Korea time) and Miss C was tired and hungry. We walked into the room and I straight away said this is not the room we booked.

There are three of us so I had selected the option of two queen beds in the room. This only has one. After a lengthy chat with one of the staff which included a plea from her to us that we should understand the position of the hotel; that we got in late so we go what was left; to you stay here two nights and we give you a fold up bed for Miss C and then we move you into the right room; to would you like a free dinner… Why was none of this mentioned when we checked in?

I don't even want to know what these stains are.

I don’t even want to know what these stains are.

By now the room was too hot and following Miss C sharing a tantrum we agreed that we would stay in the room at least tonight and we would be speaking with the manager tomorrow.

My issue with this situation, apart from the obvious, is as follows:

1. Not my problem you over booked the hotel – but apparently it is now, even though I booked two month ago. I have paid a lot of money I don’t think it is too much to ask to get what you have paid for.

2. The room was not ready for us. If this was the room you were going to offer us, and you knew there were three of us, why was it not ready when we got here? Therefore it begs me to question how many other people were offered this room this evening and knocked it back?

Now everything is annoying me.

Now everything is annoying me.

3. An extension of two, the bed was not made properly; there were not towels for three; the pictures on the wall were not hung straight (yes I am at the picky stage); the plunge pool on the balcony has not been cleaned; the mugs still had coffee stains and the spoons were dirty; and the date on the welcome letter is wrong (today is not Saturday 22 March). The dust in the room makes me question whether this is the “spare” room and the last sucker to check in, us, gets it.

I am disappointed on a number of levels not the least of which was we deliberately selected Centara following our great experience last time in Thailand at the Centara Karon Resort Phuket.  So far this doesn’t compare.

Not even clean mugs or milk for my tea

Not even clean mugs or milk for my tea

Yes at 1030pm I am tired and frustrated and I hope that in the morning it will all look better.  I hope our meeting with the Manager goes well tomorrow (if we can find him…) and I can write a more flattering view of this accommodation.

The glass half empty person in me is now waiting for what the third thing to go wrong will be…

Next stop Trip Advisor.


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